Warranty & Service

Takahashi America is the authorized distributor for Takahashi Seisakusho Ltd. of Japan in North and South America. We provide exclusive warranty service on all Takahashi instruments authorized for sale by Takahashi in the Americas. Any Takahashi product sold or distributed by Takahashi America. has a 5-year warranty on all optical and mechanical components and a 1-year warranty on electronic parts and equipment for the original purchaser. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship but does not cover misuse, abuse, acts of God, normal wear and tear, or service by anyone other than Takahashi America. Please note that collimation is only guaranteed upon initial delivery to the customer, and we require that all telescopes be sent via air package delivery to minimize excessive handling.  This warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser of new equipment purchased through Takahashi America or one of our authorized dealers.


Takahashi America WILL NOT honor any warranties stated or implied on grey market Takahashi products (i.e. Takahashi products purchased overseas or imported into the United States or the Americas through any organization, agent or individual other than Takahashi America) We also reserve the right to not repair or service any instrument that was purchased through non-authorized agents or dealers. Specifications and components of grey market products may be different from those of Takahashi products sold by authorized dealers in North and South America. If you have an older Takahashi or a product that was purchased overseas, please contact us and we will determine if we can help you.


If you need to have your Takahashi product serviced or require warranty assistance, you should contact your authorized Takahashi dealer or Takahashi America at support@takahashiamerica.com.  


When sending your product in for service, please include the service request form:  Takahashi Service Request


The customer is responsible for shipping charges and insurance on all warranted and non-warranted instruments returned to Takahashi America for service. Takahashi America is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages incurred to the equipment during transport to us. We will pay for shipping and insurance of the serviced items back to the customer on warranted repairs. Otherwise, there will be a charge for return shipping and handling. Only paid or warranted items will be shipped back. WE DO NOT ACCEPT C.O.D.'s. or items shipped collect, nor will we ship any items collect or C.O.D.


Any questions about the warranty on Takahashi products should be directed to support@takahashiamerica.com