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TOA-130NFB Triplet Refractor


The TOA-130NFB is a 130 mm apochromatic f/7.7 refractor with a focal length of 1000 mm.  It features a retractable lens hood, a 4 inch rack and pinion focuser with a 7:1 fine focuser, and a 360-degree camera angle adjuster.


The TOA (Triplet-Ortho Apochromat) series is the flagship of Takahashi’s line of triplet refractors.  In the TOA design 3 lens elements are wide air-spaced of which the front and rear elements are S-FPL-53 ED glass.  This resulting system achieves an exceptional level of apochromatic performance for both visual observation and imaging.  Takahashi engineers have undertaken a complete redesign of the triplet system, completely eliminating spherical aberration while minimizing axial chromatic aberration in the visible light spectrum.   


In typical apochromatic designs, the elimination of chromatic aberration is usually at the expense of increasing spherical aberration at various wavelengths.  However, with the TOA series, the focal shift across the entire visible spectrum from 436 nm up to 656 nm is less than +/- 0.01 mm.  This is less than 1/100 the aberration of a typical apochromatic design.


A complete line of flatteners, reducers and extenders are available, including the 67-series flattener which provides a 90 mm imaging circle.  The most recent addition is the 645 Flattener which provides the highest possible resolution when used with the latest modern imaging cameras.  The 645 is both NS and NFB compatible and produces 1um stars on-axis, 3um on the edges of a 30mm image circle, and 5um on the edges of a 60mm image circle. 

(Spot Size Charts Below)



Included in the box:


  • Optical Tube Assembly

  • CAA TKP30200

  • Coupling (W) TKP31003

  • 50.8 sleeve TKP00113

  • Coupling (S) TKP00103

  • Ocular adapter (31.7) TKP00101

  • Ocular adapter (50.8) TKP27110

  • Extension tube (50.8) TKP31112

 (Please note: mount, tripod, tube holder and finder sold separately)


TOA-130NFB System Chart

TOA-130NFB Reducer System Chart

TOA-130NFB 67 Flattener System Chart

TOA-130NFB 53 Adapter Reducer System Chart

TOA-130NFB 645 Flattener System Chart 


Spot Diagrams