Altair Lightwave 2x 2 inch Flat Field APO Tele Extender Barlow

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Product information The Flat Field Tele Extender's 4-element optical design minimises field curvature, and allows for excellent color-correction. A tele-extender by design does not change the magnification when the distance to the eyepiece or camera sensor is varied. Photographic Benefits: The flat field, color-correction and consistent magnifcation factor make lunar mosaics easier with less distortion on the edges of each panel and allows for integration of imaging accessories such as a filter wheel, or an atmospheric dispersion corrector (ADC) for taking your high-magnification lunar and or planetary astrophotography to the next level! Visual Benefits: Most high power eyepieces have short eye-relief (distance between eyepiece and eye), making them difficult to use with eyeglasses and less comfortable generally. However, with these units, you can use low power eyepieces at high power, while maintaining the same eye-relief. Premium glass and top quality broadband multi-coatings on all surfaces, along with blackened interior elements ensure the ultimate in image contrast. An ideal accessory for high power lunar, solar and planetary observation and imaging. Threaded for 2" filters with a brass compression ring and rubber grip.